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Dr. Freud would be very proud

Posted on: March 19, 2005

Shoshanna has clearly discovered that her mouth is a good way to explore the world; she also just generally really likes to suck on things. The problem is, she doesn’t yet have the manual dexterity to bring things to her mouth in anything like a reliable manner. In fact, she’s just beginning to grasp objects that are placed in (or find their way into) her hands. She’s really good at pulling her pacifier out of her mouth either by the handle or by the ribbon of the binky holder. Today, she has managed to pull my thumb and Matthew’s finger into her mouth to chew on. (K, I blame you for this, ’cause she associates having our fingers in her mouth with getting praised. And yes, we used her having gotten our hands into her mouth on her own as an excuse to do her mouth exercises.) She has a heckuva bite, too. She’s also getting her hands to her mouth much more consistently, but she doesn’t quite have the hang of extending her thumb or fingers to suck on. Occasionally, when we put one of her Link-a-Doos links in her hand, she’ll successfully get it to her mouth to suck on.

The world’s a very exciting place when you’re Shoshanna. Today she also stayed awake during a walk for the very first time. She’s clearly learned that the car seat is a place for sleeping (she’s good for MAYBE three awake minutes in the car), and since the car seat also goes on the stroller, well, stroller = asleep. Last weekend, I thought that maybe going for a walk with her facing out in the front carrier would lead to her staying awake, but I was very wrong; she was asleep before we’d gone two blocks. Today, she was in the stroller and was looking around at everything there was to see in the outside world. She seemed pretty content with the world, too.


2 Responses to "Dr. Freud would be very proud"

Can’t help wondering how Shoshana will react when she, as teenager (or younger) reads these notes! Alas, we won’t be around to find out, but it IS something to muse on! ( Former Stllwtr, Esta, who saw Sarah at this age, now sees her all grown up! )

how is “chew chew chew” praise? πŸ˜›


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