The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Pickles the Dinosaur

Posted on: March 16, 2005

Through her whole NICU adventure, Shoshanna was accompanied by her friend Pickles the Dinosaur. Why did Shoshanna need a dinosaur mascot? The answer is quite simple. Her nickname in utero was “T-Rex” and as soon as she was born, we realized she was going to need to have tyrannosaurus-like strength to get through the rough beginning to her little life.

By complete happenstance, I had Pickles in my small collection of Puffkins. I don’t know why I’d bought a dinosaur Puffkin, but I had. And so Shoshanna got her mascot.

At first, Pickles was nearly Shoshanna’s size. He watched over her from very early on, when he was nearly half her size. (10/4/04).

On Halloween, Pickles modeled the latest in preemie headwear, before both he and the hat came home for their weekly bath.

As Shoshanna got bigger, Pickles continued to keep her company in her isolette.

Pickles went back to the hospital with Shoshanna for both of her sleep studies. He hangs out in her crib with her all the time. And now, just over five months after he first appeared in Shoshanna’s pictures, he’s smaller than her head.

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