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No More StinkyFoot!

Posted on: March 15, 2005

No more stinkyfoot! No more stinkyfoot!

That’s right, we went to the BPD clinic today for Shoshanna’s monthly RSV vacceine and Dr. Meyer (one of the neonatologists from the NICU who also works over at BPD) checked Shoshanna out and chatted with us. She said that it sounded like Shoshanna no longer needs her sat monitor. A quick double-check with Dr. Duda (the pulmonologist) confirmed it: for the first time, Shoshanna is going to be completely unplugged! Since her sleep study a month ago (after which they discontinued her supplemental oxygen), she’d only been hooked up to the monitor at night, but it still meant attaching the stupid light to her foot and dealing with alarms every so often (99% of the time, these were because she was squirming and it couldn’t “find” her).

I’m curious to see how long she sleeps tonight without the alarm to wake us up.

Also, this year’s RSV season has been mild enough that they’re not vaccinating kiddos in April, so she’s officially been released from the BPD clinic unless she gets a cold/flu and we think she needs to see one of the docs down there. We’ll keep her sat monitor and some oxygen in the house for another month or so, but once cold/flu/rsv season is over (and she’s a month bigger), we’ll have the oxygen company come pick those up and have all of the medical crap OUT OF OUR HOUSE!

Just to illustrate the point that BPD is a total catchall diagnosis, we also met with the OT and the nutritionist today. The OT said that we’re doing all the right things to keep Shoshanna’s head from getting too flat on the right side (she prefers to turn to the right), and the nutritionist said that she wants to see the results of the labs that Dr. O’Brien ran last month, but if they’re good, we can probably stop supplementing Shoshanna’s breastmilk with formula.

Those of you who are paying close attention will probably be saying, “Well, if she went to the doctor today, that means they weighed her! How big is she?” The answer, my friends, is 11.8 pounds. ALMOST TWELVE POUNDS OF BABY! No wonder she seems really heavy when I pick her up! She’s downright pudgy. Her head circ. is in the 25th percentile, her weight in the 50th, and her length in the 10th (but she was NOT well-stretched today). Suffice it to say, she a little chubber. She has dimpled knees!

The waiting room of the BPD clinic is always an interesting place, especially since it shares office space with the regular pediatric clinic and a behavioral health clinic, so you get a really interesting mix of people there. Today we were chatting with the mom of an 18-month-old munchkin who one doc thinks has cystic fibrosis but Dr. Duda disagrees, and with the mom of another preemie who’s had 2 heart surgeries already and has one more coming, but is doing really well. She was 10 months old but still had the “preemie look”. Shoshanna doesn’t have the preemie look anymore. If I just told people she was 10 weeks old, they’d see absolutely nothing remarkable about her.


7 Responses to "No More StinkyFoot!"

Yay for chubby baby!

Out of curiosity, when you talk about what percentile she is in, is it the percentile for her actual age, or the percentile for her age if she had been a full term baby?

– k2

Was losing the preemie look what I was talking about when I said she completely looked like a normal, healthy baby for the first time, but couldn’t exactly put my finger on why?

(Also, k2: 12 pounds would be tiny for a 6 month old. Nowhere near 50th %ile. I’m sure it’s based on her adjusted age.)

Laura C.

K2 – Laura’s right. It’s adjusted age. They base size on that for the first 2-3 years. Though there’s a chance that Shoshanna will at least be on the chart for a 6-month-old at her next pedi visit (a week from Friday).

Laura – probably. She looks like a fat baby, rather than like the kiddos pictured on the March of Dimes website.

Oh duh. I was so fixated on the percentages that I didn’t stop to think about the actual numbers. This is akin to when I got carried away with a mitten pattern and for a while thought I’d be knitting a mitten that was 15″ in circumference, without realizing that that *had* to be wrong. hehe.

Fat baby, yes. Heck, she looks like a Gerber baby in some of those pictures. And no babies look like Gerber babies at that age.

congratulations sarah, that is great news.
david is working in france by the way, not getting up to mischief, well at least i think so! 😉

wow she is getting big. Bigger than Savannah! Congratulations! She is so cute! We are jealous about the lack of an ET light.

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