The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

A visit from the PT and a successful (?) experiment

Posted on: March 10, 2005

Sorry for the silence… things are busy as usual.

Shoshanna had a visit from the motor therapist yesterday. Nancy declared her to be continuing to progress well – she’s acting just like a 2-month-old should be. She’s still a bit ahead in terms of her motor development, which just means that she’s that much closer to catching up with her chronological age. She was awake but tired during the eval, so she didn’t perform as well as she could’ve, but it was a step up from sound asleep, which is what she was last month.

As Nancy and I were chatting, I mentioned that I would be really happy when Shoshanna’s head control got good enough for her to ride facing outwards in the front-carrier, since she objects to only being able to see grownup chest and chin (which is what the view is when she’s facing in). Nancy asked what happens when we put her in it facing out, and I said “I don’t know, I haven’t tried.”

So today I tried. Shoshanna’s head did not fall off; in fact, she did rather well – didn’t flop forward at all, or from side to side. She rode around for probably 20 – 30 minutes quite contentedly. We took a trip upstairs to the study where there’s a full-length mirror and she grinned at our reflection (I think she was more grinning at me than at herself). We washed dishes. We walked around the house and looked at things. We danced a little bit. And when she got fussy, I don’t think it was necessarily related to the facing-out position. As long as she’s not tired, I think that we have a new way to wander around and see the world!


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