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The newest, biggest developments

Posted on: March 3, 2005

I realized I hadn’t posted anything about the most recent and exciting things that Shoshanna’s been doing.

  1. “Talking” in the form of cooing. When Shoshana’s awake, she talks pretty much constantly. She has a whole repertoire of noises that we have a lot of fun interpreting.
  2. Over the past 3 weeks or so, she’d started to smile, but her smiles were unpredictable – sometimes they’d show up, other times they wouldn’t. Over the past 4-5 days, however, they’ve become much, much more predictable. She routinely smiles upon seeing Matthew and me (she smiles at other people, too, but we like to think that her smiles for them aren’t as big as the ones for us). She smiles at her toys. Yesterday I discovered that me making a silly surprised face was a guaranteed smile-getter. It’s pretty normal to be greeted with a smile in the morning when you look into her crib.
  3. We’re beginning to get giggles out of her, as well. Laughter right now is about at the point that smiling was two weeks ago – it happens, but it’s unpredictable and infrequent. She woke herself up laughing in her sleep over the weekend, and then sort of looked at me (she was lying in my lap) with this “What on earth just happened?” look on her face.
  4. Shoshanna clearly knows the difference between me and other people. My friend Vanessa babysat for her while I was teaching yesterday, and reported that Shoshanna had slept fitfully the whole time that I was at class. The minute that Vanessa handed her to me, however, she just relaxed completely and conked out. It was very funny.

I’ve been madly taking pictures of various smiles, but I haven’t had time to upload any of them yet. Maybe I’ll get my plan for tomorrow’s class done quickly and be able to do it tonight.


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