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Seeing the pedi like a normal baby…

Posted on: February 24, 2005

Today at the end of Shoshanna’s appointment, Dr. O’Brien said, “Ok, I’ll see you guys in a month!” Whaha? A whole month without seeing the doctor?!?!?! Other appointment highlights were Dr. O being very happy to see Shoshanna sans O2, her asking what dosages she was at for her meds and me saying “2 cc’s of Prilosec.” Dr. O looked at me waiting to hear the Reglan dose and I said, “No more Reglan – her pH probe study was normal.” Weight, height, and head-wise, she’s all over the chart. For her adjusted age, she’s in the 60th percentile for weight, 25th for height (we think the 40th two weeks ago was too high – measuring baby length is a very persnickety process) and 45th or so for head circumference. This is totally normal – they get fat before they get tall. The exciting news is that if she keeps following her current growth curve, she’ll actually be on the chart for her real age next time we see the doctor! It’ll be roughly 3rd percentile, but she’ll be on the chart! Otherwise, she’s has been declared to look great – Dr. O puts her motor skills in the 3-4 month range, likes how she’s smiling and making noise, and lying contentedly on the exam table just testing out all her muscles. It’s funny – Dr. O gets smiles out of Shoshanna much more readily than we do!


1 Response to "Seeing the pedi like a normal baby…"

What is the PH thing you’re talking about with the reglan? Savannah is on Reglan but we never went into the hospital.

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