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Bigger baby, fewer meds, and a thumb!

Posted on: February 22, 2005

We had our follow-up with the gastroenterologist today, after the sleep/pH probe study last week. Apparently Shoshanna had 33 “reflux events” during the time that the probe was in her esophagus, which is considered normal. As of now, she’s off of the Reglan (which has a rather long and nasty list of potential side effects, most of which are correlated with dose and duration of use). This means we’re down to two instances of medication-giving per day! Whoohoo! Right now she gets her Prilosec on the 6’s; we’ll probably try to switch it to a more reasonable time (so that someone doesn’t have to wake her up to take her meds at 6 every morning when usually she’s eaten only an hour and a half before…). In a month, we’ll take her off of the Prilosec (which according to Dr. Angelides is doing most of the heavy lifting anyway), and he’ll se her again two weeks after that. Yay!

Also, she weighed in at 10 pounds, 3.7 ounces. For those playing along at home, she checked out of the hospital 2 months ago tomorrow at a weight of 5 pounds, 1 ounce. That’s right, in two months she has more than doubled in size. Holy cow! I can’t wait to see where she is percentile-wise when we see the pedi on Thursday morning.

Over the past several days, Shoshanna has made substantial progress in her ongoing quest to manage to suck her thumb. She’s consistently able to get her hands to her mouth, and this morning she actually managed to get her thumb in it on her own. (Lately she’s been trying and either sticking her thumb in her chin or up her nose…) Later on in the morning, she got her thumb in her mouth with a little help from me, but was able to keep it there on her own for a couple of minutes.


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