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the things that Shoshanna knows…

Posted on: February 17, 2005

I think I commented after Shoshanna’s first sleep study how aware of her surroundings she seems to be. That actually wasn’t the first time we noticed this awareness – the day that she was moved from NICU to CCN, she refused to take a bottle because, as her nurse put it, she was busy figuring out why the lights were all in the wrong places. We were skeptical at the time, but she’s shown us time and time again that she really does know when she’s in a new place. We saw it during the first sleep study when she was very agitated for the first several hours that we were at the hospital. We saw it this time when I was giving her a bottle while we were waiting for her room to be ready only she was too distracted by the new stuff too look at to actually eat, and again during the first several hours that we were in her room (hard to say if the agitation/crankiness was due to the new environment or to the pH probe, though).

This awareness can be amusing and actually useful. It’s amusing when we can’t feed her if she’s facing the (east-facing) bedroom window in the morning, because she gets too distracted looking at the light (this kid is going to be one that stares into the sun, I swear it). It’s useful when she gets unexplainably cranky, because a new environment will often distract her enough to override the cranky, at least for a little bit – even a trip up the stairs to put something away in the bedroom can be enough. Lately, she’s also showing a strong preference for being able to see the world – fortunately her head control is also good enough that we can reasonably carry her facing outwards.

She’s also learning, we think, to connect actions and outcomes. At her first early intervention evaluation, they noticed her attempting to repeat pleasurable events – like stroking her head, or sucking on her fist (we’re still working on thumb-sucking). Lately, she tends to bat at the rattling ball on her crib mirror toy. She clearly doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, but she likes the outcome. She does understand that when someone comes and fastens something around her neck, it means that food will be forthcoming soon. She recognizes bottles and will open her mouth when she sees them. Sometimes she recognizes her pacifier and opens her mouth for it. And she understands that when she gets put down on the changing pad, she’s getting a clean diaper. (OK, I don’t think she quite has the concept of “clean diaper” down yet, but if she’s fussing because her pants are full, she calms right down when you put her on the changing pad).


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This is so cool – i’m taking developmental psych right now, and reading about how/when babies associate what’s happening to them to sensorimotor feelings, and when they start to actually recognize places and specific objects. So when you look at her developmental progress, do you count her as her actual age, or her adjusted age, or somewhere in between?

Thanks for the posts, btw – it’s great to see how well she’s doing!

laura z

I realized you are asking Sara and not a general question so please don’t be offened if I answer also.

I’m an EI person myself (an OT) and that question lends itself on what you are looking at/for with the baby.

When looking at motor most of the time you need to mentally adjust the age so you are sure the child is following some sort of “typical” curve. You would not expect a premie to sit, crawl, walk until they are closer to their ajusted age – so your pushing towards those goals tend to be at a different pace and time.

Regarding cognitive/problem solving skills – *sometimes* times you expect to see the same understanding that you have with a child who was the same “age” due to their experience in the world and the world acting on them.

Shoshanna is an amazing little girl and a success story.Kido’s are great amazing things!


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