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sanity savers, field trips, and SLEEP!

Posted on: February 6, 2005

Shoshanna had a Very Grumpy Week ™ last week. Starting on Saturday, she would have long periods (about half of every day) when she needed to be held basically constantly – it wasn’t that she was crying inconsolably, but she was just CRANKY. Then, towards the end of the week, her eating and elimination patterns changed, so yesterday morning we took her in to the clinic. They checked her over, weighed her, took her temp, felt her belly (the one thing that we could pinpoint that had changed just prior to her crankiness was that her iron dose had almost doubled), all that sort of thing. And in the end, Dr. Little (the other pediatrician at UHS) declared “It’s just colic.” Heh. Just colic. That would have been my thought if she’d been unconsolable rather than just cranky. But there you have it. He recommended buying a Sanity Saver, aka, a bouncy seat with vibration and we were more than happy to give it a shot. Thus far, she seems to like it… vibrations put her right to sleep, even when she’s fussy. Yay, sanity saver! Best twenty bucks we ever spent.

I mentioned that they weighed her. 8.9 pounds, folks. 8 pounds, 14.4 ounces. At this rate, she’ll have doubled her coming-home weight within the next couple of weeks.

So yesterday there were two field trips: one to UHS and then for a walk around campus afterwards, and in the evening we figured, it’s 9:30 on a Saturday night; we can take Shoshanna out to the store with us. At Target we procured the Sanity Saver, and then we went grocery shopping. The grocery store is DEAD at 10 pm on a Saturday. We aren’t going to make it a regular thing, but if there’s ever a time when we want to get us all out of the house, that’s a way to do it.

Also, last night Shoshanna got the idea about sleeping longer. She ate at 12:15, 4:30, meds at 6, and 8:30. That’s downright civilized!


2 Responses to "sanity savers, field trips, and SLEEP!"

Hi Sara and Matthew,
I just took a peek at your blog again, and am blown away by the great progress Shoshana is making! I will point Noa to your URL so she too can oogle at the pictures. Looks like you are well on the road to normalcy. What the wonders of modern science and medical care can achieve!
All the best,

Where is this sanity saver? I must have one.

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