The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

…or not!

Posted on: January 11, 2005

The hospital called this morning and said that the pediatric ward is full & they needed to reschedule Shoshanna’s sleep study. So now we’re on for the night of the 24th. And I had all sorts of milk stockpiled to take with us, too!

Other than that, she’s been doing well…sleeping lots. Some nights she decides that 4 am is a good time to be awake & want to play. We discourage this (by not playing with her, just feeding and burping and changing and putting her back down) but since she’s in our room, it means that we’re up and down until she decides to go back to sleep, especially since her being active means the *bleeping* monitor goes off every 5 minutes. Usually back to sleep happens around her 6 am bottle. This morning, she woke up and wanted to be cuddled at about 8:15, so I took her out of the crib and did just that, and she went right back to sleep on my chest. Hopefully we’ll get the go-ahead to let her sleep as long as she wants overnight sooner rather than later; it all depends on how much weight she keeps gaining.

At the suggestion of the early intervention folks, we got her some wrist rattles… She doesn’t quite understand how they work yet… if we put them on her wrists, she just bonks herself in the head with them, and if they’re on her ankles she can’t really see them. They are cute, though. I also got her a mirror to hang in her crib, but she doesn’t find her own reflection all that fascinating yet.


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