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developmental overachiever?

Posted on: January 7, 2005

OK, we all knew that it was impressive that Shoshanna managed to roll over on her 4th day out of the hospital (at 38+ weeks gestation). And Matthew and I had looked at various lists of developmental milestones and established that we thought Shoshanna was functioning about like a 2-3 month old when it came to gross motor skills. We weren’t so sure about social and fine motor stuff. Today, she was evaluated by a nurse and a physical therapist from the Early Intervention program she’s been referred to, and their assessment says:

  • Gross Motor: 0-2 months. In fact, she’s got all of the milestones for 0-2 months and some of the milestones for 3-5 (rolling, primarily).
  • Fine Motor: 0-2 months. Again, she’s at the older end of these things; her hand movements are getting less jerky every day, and she tracks faces pretty well. She turns to sounds and responds to different lights. All of this I knew on some level, although I hadn’t really thought about how much less tremory her hand movements are until they mentioned it.
  • Self Care: 0-2 months. This, in fact, is the only area in which she doesn’t “pass” in every area – she still has a little trouble with suck-swallow-breathe (which we knew), which is tied up with her reflux and BPD (it’s all a big circular thing…).

Wow. We knew she was rockin’ in the developmental milestones, but we didn’t realize exactly how much. They were very impressed with her head control (we can pick her up under the armpits and only really need to support the base of her neck unless she’s really tired) and with her social skills, as well as with how well she eats from a bottle.

In other news, Shoshanna is getting better at nursing – we’ve been nursing twice a day. She’d been getting roughly half a feed from me much of the time (we judge this by how much of a bottle she takes immediately after she gets too tired to nurse and by how much milk I express immediately after nursing her). Yesterday, she nursed almost a full feed from me (it wasn’t a regular mealtime so we didn’t give her a bottle immediately afterwards so we don’t really have a good idea of how much she actually got). Today, she had a snack while the EI ladies were here and then nursed about an hour or an hour and a half later when it was a regular mealtime. At that feed, she didn’t really take anything from the bottle after nursing. So, go Shoshanna!


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