The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

And even more, though conflicting reports…

Posted on: January 6, 2005

At the pulmonologist’s on Tuesday, Shoshanna weighed 6 pounds even, but according to the visiting nurse’s scale yesterday she was 5 pounds, 13.5 oz. I’m choosing to believe the big one, of course (if only because that scale wasn’t perched on our coffee table!). The docs and nurses have all declared her to look great – we find it funny that she’s getting weighed and measured at least twice a week (by her pedi and by the visiting nurse) – it’s as if nobody believes she’ll actually grow while under our care. Today we’ll (hopefully) get the third weight in as many days, at the pediatrician’s, assuming the weather hasn’t turned to completely freezing rain and assuming that UHS is open when the University is closed…

That second 5-channel study is going to go forward after all – so we’ll be heading back to the hospital for the evening of the 11th and Shoshanna will get hooked back up to the machines and they’ll see if she still needs the oxygen or not. I really want it to be not, but I’m not convinced that that will be the result. We’ll find out when she goes back to the pulmonologist on the 18th, when she’ll also get her second dose of RSV vacceine.

Other than that, Shoshanna is industriously being a normal baby.


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