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Still here!

Posted on: December 26, 2004

Needless to say, having a newborn at home means a lot less time to post about my beautiful daughter. We’re all doing well, developing our own rhythm and flow to our days. We had Gram, Grandpa, Auntie Em, Great-Aunt Martha, (my) cousins Dylan and Jesse and Dylan’s girlfriend Jordana here for Christmas, which was a little bit crazy, but Gram and Grandpa did watch Shoshanna for an hour yesterday afternoon while Matthew and I took a much-needed nap. Shoshanna has generally been pretty mellow – she got overstimulated with all the company, but we’ve also learned to recognize her various cries (“I’m bored” is fussing punctuated with the ocaasional short, sharp cry; “My pants are wet/dirty” is excessive squirming and fussiness without a lot of crying; “I’m hungry” is more of a wail.

Shoshanna’s latest trick is taking advantage of gravity. We were hanging out on the futon with Shoshanna lying on her puppy-sking rug and having some tummy time this afternoon, and she pushed up on her arms (she’s been able to do that for quite some time). Then she flung her head sideways and rolled herself onto her back. We all thought that it had to be a fluke, but she did it 4 more times, going in both directions! I doubt that she could do it on a level surface (she’s taking advantage of the downward slope of the futon, obviously), but she was clearly doing it on purpose. Scary, scary, scary.


2 Responses to "Still here!"


A kid who would ideally still be baking is already turning herself over. I predict that she’ll be talking in about 3 weeks, and ready to start kindergarten in the fall. 😉

Seriously, though, I’ve heard of full term babies having trouble crawling because they were put on their backs all they time, and thus didn’t have proper upper body strength to support themselves. They could learn a thing or two from a preemie!

Must not lecture as a pediatric occupational therapist……resist…..resist…..:-).

So when is EI coming over?

BTW: Can’t wait to see her and yes – I will do my own formal testing when I do *giggle*


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