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Do you ever get sick of hearing how big she is?

Posted on: December 22, 2004

Today the answer is over five pounds! The exact number was 5 pounds, 0.9 ounces. Sooooo big! Shoshanna was a little cranky today – could be because of the vacceine she had on Tuesday, or just because she was in a bad mood. I think it was because we woke her up to give her her Prilosec, which meant she got a little bit to eat, and then we made her endure the indignity of bathtime and a weighin because she has to have the Prilosec 15 minutes before her meal. At that point, though, her appetite had been whetted and she was ready to eat. Once 15 minutes had passed and we let her eat, she did so pretty contentedly, although she developed an air bubble (did I mention that she’s now eating from regular newborn nipples rather than slow-flow ones?) with about 3 cc’s left in her 55 cc bottle and once we’d had a burp, she was no longer interested in eating any more. *shrug* I can’t get too worried about 3 cc’s of milk. We also got a visit from Susie, one of her nurses in the NICU, who ooh’d and ahh’d over how big she’s gotten. It was very cute.

Matthew and I were just discussing how much weight Shoshanna’s gained… Thanksgiving weekend, she hit 1500 grams, which is 3#5. That’s when she moved to the CCN. Less than four weeks later, she’s 5 pounds. That’s an incredibe rate of weight gain! And on Saturday she’ll be 3 months old.


1 Response to "Do you ever get sick of hearing how big she is?"

That’s about 2 # a month. Just think how we’d feel if we were gaining at that rate (let’s see, half your body weight in 4 weeks….) or even if we were just gaining 2# a month!


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