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Posted on: December 21, 2004

Shoshanna didn’t get a 48 hour memory monitor study; instead she got a 4-channel study (just like the 5-channel only without the pH probe) overnight last night. Apparently there’s only one functional memory monitor running around the CCN at the moment, so there was no way that test was going to happen. The 4-channel will give the same results, just over a much shorter time period. When we were there this morning, the only info they had about the 4-channel was the “event log” (a sheet of paper they write stuff down on during these tests) which showed an apnea with no brady or desat when she had her eyes dilated for her eye exam this morning. As of about 10 minutes ago, there aren’t any notes about the results of either the 4-channel or the eye exam in her chart; we’re assuming that this means that the eye exam showed no change and that there were no events on the 4-channel study. Shoshanna was a grumpy baby today, though, refusing to open her eyes (when she did we saw that they were still very, very dilated) and acting pretty refluxy. All par for the course on eye exam day!


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