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Don’t like what’s going on in the NICU?

Posted on: December 20, 2004

Then stick around 5 minutes – because it can all change. Shoshanna’s second 5-channel study has now been canned in favor of a second memory monitor session, this time for 48 hours. Dr. Shah felt that this study would serve just as well as the 5-channel for what they’re looking for. If it comes out abnormally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to do the 5-channel after all. We also got to see her get her daily exam from the neonatologist for the first time today – it was pretty routine (listening to her heart, feeling her pulse, etc.). There were a couple of funny parts. When Dr. Shah was looking for the stethoscope (each kid has their own), he said “Where’s the thing you play doctor with???” Also, the method for checking her startle reflex was pretty funny. He picked her up and let her relax in his hands, then he basically dropped her head a fraction of an inch – and out went the arms! We knew that her startle reflex worked really well – just touching her with cold hands is the easiest way to check that.

Shoshanna managed to get herself weighed twice yesterday. I’m guessing that the night nurse didn’t see where the day nurse had written down her weight and length from the afternoon (4 pounds, 12.8 ounces and 16.5″) so she did it again, and in the process Shoshanna gained almost an ounce and grew half an inch. (Measuring babies is such an exact science…) Obviously her “true” weight is probably somewhere between 4#12.8 and 4#13.5, but either way it’s clear that she’s packing on the weight like crazy. Funny what a little bit of oxygen can do! When she has to expend less effort to breathe, she has more energy to grow!

After the bottle that Matthew gave Shoshanna this afternoon, she was still wide awake, so we let her have some “tummy time” – so that she can build up the muscles she’ll need for things like crawling. (They’re finding that babies who don’t get placed on their stomachs for “play time” sometimes skip crawling altogether – they go straight to walking.) We’re not concerned about her gross motor development or her ability to build up those muscles. Shoshanna’s always been a physicalIt’s kid, but this part is kind of ridiculous. As soon as we’d gotten her situated comfortably on her tummy, she pushed up on her arms to the point that her whole torso was off of the bed and looked around to both sides – she has pretty good control of her head, actually. She flopped down, then pushed up again and looked around some more. During this time, she was also squirming in such a way that it seems like she was trying to get up on all fours. Matthew leaned over and said to her, “Didn’t you read the books, honey? It’s normal for you to be doing this sort of stuff at 3 months old, but not when you’re 3 months old and not supposed to be born for another 2 weeks!” She got cranky with tummy time pretty quickly, though, so we turned her back over and she laid there pretty contentedly listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack until she decided she was still hungry and demanded a bonus bottle, which she chugged. She actually got a handful of those today – she’d get 45 cc’s of food and then a while later she’d get another 5 cc’s. That particular time she actually took about 7 of a 10 cc bottle before she decided that she’d had enough. She’s a funny child, my daughter is.


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