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Matthew’s daughter is a troublemaker…

Posted on: December 15, 2004

I went to the hospital this morning – got there in time to give Shoshanna her noon bottle. They’re getting ready to do the 5 channel study tomorrow, which means that she’s off of her Tagamet, which is making her a little grumpy. But that’s not why she’s a troublemaker.

Shoshanna always gets her diaper changed before she eats; this is the routine of the NICU/CCN. I started the diapering process expecting a routine change. Popped Shoshanna’s clothes open, put a clean diaper under her tush to catch any surprises, and removed the one she had on. It was wet & dirty. As I was arranging the new diaper to put it on her, there was a great pffffffftttttt! from the vicinity of Matthew’s daughter’s rear end. And there was poo literally EVERYWHERE. All over the new diaper. All over her blankets. All over her monitor leads! Also all over my hand! The clothes, fortunately, were spared. The staff all laughed because it happened to me and not them. Michele and I decided to go ahead and weigh her and give her a bath then rather than later this afternoon or this evening, the damage was so bad. I figure the whole thing was a plot to get to put on her new blue-striped outfit that matches her eyes perfectly, along with some very stylish purple striped socks.

After all that excitement, she got her bottle and went contentedly to sleep – much more contentedly than I would have expected her to minus Tagamet. She was half-waking up when I was getting ready to leave so I read her Good Night, Moon and put on some soothing music for her.

It is also interesting to note that Shoshanna is 37 weeks gestation today. Had she not come early, today is the point when they would consider her “term” and wouldn’t have made any attempt to stop labor. I wonder how big she would have been at this point if she hadn’t been living on the outside for the past 11 1/2 weeks. But we don’t dwell on questions like that.


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Since I don’t have a user account, I will log on anonymously just to say HI and to say I have been following this unfolding adventure (although not every day I must admit). My niece is really looking like a real cutey these days. We all are rooting for her and wish you all the best with her. You seem to keep having energy to keep up this blog, not to mention the draining work of trips to and from the hospital every day. Hang in there. Martin

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