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Doing normal baby things…

Posted on: December 13, 2004

And by normal baby things, I mean things you would expect a non-preemie to do. When we got to her bed today after our infant CPR class (plastic babies whose faces come off! Ack!), she was lying there just WAILING. She couldn’t possibly have been hungry; it was before 4 pm and she’d been the last to eat. Not only that, she refused her pacifier and a finger to suck on (if she’s hungry, she’ll suck for sure). So I grabbed a gown and picked her up. She calmed down. After a couple of minutes, she got fussy again. So I put her back in her bed and checked her diaper (dry) and put a long-sleeved onesie on her. She calmed down. Matthew picked her up and sat with her. She got fussy. He moved so she had a different view, and she calmed down for a bit and then got fussy again. So he moved again and she calmed down. Repeat. Yes, ladies, and gentlemen, Shoshanna was officially BORED. Of course, being awake made her tired, so she wanted to be asleep when the time came for her bottle. She did take the whole thing eventually, and burped pretty well… Except when we went to put her down. She’d start acting uncomfortable as soon as we did that. Eventually we figured she was just faking it to get us to stay with her. She was much more alert today than she’s been since she went off of the caffeine.

We’re taking her a boom box and some CDs tomorrow, which will hopefully help alleviate the boredom. Unfortunately, there’s no way to attach a mobile to her bassinet to give her something to look at. I think I may also make her some new black and white pictures to look at; we can stick those to the side of her bassinet.

Oh, also, she had another head ultrasound today. It came back completely, 100% normal. Whoohoo!


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Kick A** to the 100% normal Ultrasound!


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