The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Still snuggly in the big girl bed

Posted on: December 12, 2004

Shoshanna’s still doing well in her open crib. She’s very bundled up because she only has short-sleeved onesies to wear! We’re going to acquire and bring her some warmer clothes for tomorrow, especially since she really prefers to have an arm free, so she needs some long-sleeved stuff. Fortunately, in the stuff we got from K & M, there were a handful of long-sleeved preemie outfits. Hooray!

One of the ways that we can tell that Shoshanna is hungry is because she sucks on anything that comes within reach of her mouth. I was running interference while Matthew was changing her diaper this afternoon (she kept getting her hands in his way) and my hand came in contact with her mouth and became an instant pacifier. I offered her finger, which seemed more suitable, and she grabbed on with one hand and proved that, yes, she thought a finger was a perfectly good pacifier. Matthew got a VERY cute picture of this.

Shoshanna did a fantastic job with the bottle that followed her diaper change. Sucked it down in about 10 minutes, then burped really well. We’re learning that we can be pretty firm in the burping process – she’s more sturdy than we think she is! I know this is true for all new parents, but I think it’s especially true for preemie parents. Today, though, I was pretty forceful about thumping her back and she burped well & a lot and quicker than she usually does. When she was done burping, we were looking at her, and Matthew said, “You know what? We don’t have to worry about putting her back in the isolette so she doesn’t get cold. We can just sit here and hold her.” And that’s exactly what we did, while she slept utterly peacefully.


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