The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Holy monstrous baby, Batman!

Posted on: December 2, 2004

Shoshanna put on another ounce. How does she do it? That puts her at 1719 grams, or 3 pounds, 12.6 ounces. Otherwise she had a very good day, a couple of self-correcting ABDs. She didn’t take as many bottles as she usually does; we’re guessing that she just didn’t wake up for one of them. Maybe that’s how she managed to gain an ounce in 24 hours. She did take her 9 pm bottle, though, even though she was pretty much asleep by the end. And then she got burped – it’s hard to know how well she’s burped because she makes these funny grunty noises all the time, and they sound a lot like her burps. When we put her back in the isolette, she seemed a little fussy, but she was also getting a little chilly because she’d worked her blankets half-off while she was eating. So I re-swaddled her tight and put a hat on her and she settled right down. Apparently it only lasted a little bit, though, and then she was like “oh wait, I was grumpy about something!” and got fussy again, so Matthew sat her up in the isolette so that the bubbles could come out and after that she was much happier, sleeping peacefully. There was a while when she would startle in her sleep for no apparent reason – she wouldn’t wake up, she’d just fling her arms out wide and then settle right back down. It was funny.

She’s doing much better with her temp, too. Her isolette actually was cooler than the room air in the unit generally (it was at aabout 79 degrees), judging by the fact that it warmed up in there when we opened the portholes.


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