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Posted on: November 29, 2004

When we’re concerned about Shoshanna, we go to the hospital to see her, to reassure ourselves that she’s OK. We went down this afternoon to see her, and she’d had a great day – her nurse today was Allison, who took care of me when I was at my sickest after I had Shoshanna. Shoshanna had a bottle at 9 am and then apparently “insisted” on having one at noon, too. We’re pretty sure that “insisting” consisted of being wide awake and cute. Then Allison gave her her 3 pm feeding via her tube and Shoshanna apparently just looked at her the entire time. Matthew held her for a bit after that feeding, until she went to sleep. We decided to give her her bath and her 6 pm feeding; we got back at about 5 ’til 6, and Shoshanna had worked herself into a major tizzy – it was the first time I’d ever heard her crying THROUGH the walls of her isolette. I made the bath as quick and painless as possible, and we weighed her, and then Matthew and I gave her her bottle. Matthew is the master of getting her to open her mouth for the bottle; I just don’t seem to have the touch yet. So he’d get the thing into her mouth and then I’d hold it. She ended up taking about 25 ml of the 30 from it before the tiredness from her little hissyfit kicked in and she went to sleep.

I don’t know about Matthew, but I’m feeling much more comfortable with the CCN now.


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