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Shoshanna: 2; Parents: 2

Posted on: November 25, 2004

We win; we got to the hospital early this evening (we wanted to make sure the day shift could get some of the cranberry bread that I made for the staff so we got there right at the beginning of shift change). This meant that we were there for all of Shoshanna’s awake time; she woke up when Jen went in to her isolette and touched her with cold hands and then stayed awake for about an hour and a half. We took her out for her daily weigh-in, during which she tipped the scales at 1516 grams, which is 3 lb, 5.4 oz!!!! (For those of you playing along at home, a baby born at her current weight would be considered “low birth-weight” rather than “very low birth-weight”.)

Since she was so very alert and social, we decided it would be a good day to let her try to nurse for real, so out came the screens an a rocking chair and pillow for me. She figured out pretty much immediately what the idea was and ultimately we guess that she got probably about 3 ml from me. She lost interest in nursing fairly quickly, because it wasn’t time for her feeding yet. After she got bored with nursing, she was still very, very awake, so we sat and talked with her, and Matthew read her her new book. Around 8:30 she got hungry, so Matthew gave her her bottle, from which she took 20 ml. She got the remaining 8 ml of her regular feed via gravity after she fell asleep in Matthew’s arms and we put her back in her little plastic house. All told, she was out for probably an hour and a half. When we put her back, we were a little concerned that she was getting cold; her temp probe was registering 93.3. They took her temp, though, and it was 97.7, which is right about where they want it to be for a brachial temp.

We found a very entertaining bug in the monitor software last night. After her feed, and after we turned Shoshanna over on her tummy (she breathes better on her tummy, especially right after a big feed (because if you were doing the math, she ended up eating about 31 ml rather than just 28)), the monitor decided that her respiratory rate was 0. It was still registering her breaths, it just couldn’t count them; if you looked closely you could see her back moving as she breathed. We were pretty impressed that someone who supposedly wasn’t breathing for several minutes had a pulse-ox of 96 and a heart rate of 160. We pointed it out to Jen and she said, “yeah, isn’t that freaky?”

Also, after two months of Shoshanna doing lots of things that make if perfectly obvious that she’s Matthew’s daughter (mouth wide open, sleeping in crazy ungainly positions, etc.), she finally did something that made her look like my daughter – she made a funny little face in which she pursed her lips into a little “O”; we have a picture of me as a very little baby making that exact same face. Hooray, she really is my daughter!


3 Responses to "Shoshanna: 2; Parents: 2"

Congrats on the breastfeeding. Whee!


Yeah, Savannah loves to sleep like that too, on her tummy. In fact, she likes the leap-frog position, especially after her feeding. I don’t get it, but she does I guess. BTW; my wife is insanely jealous that you guys get to breast feed. And your baby is almost a full pound less than ours! We are having trouble getting Savannah off of the C-Pap, and she has to do that to nurse. She’ll have to grow out of it I guess.

Yeah, the CPAP would definitely get in the way. ;^) What’s Savannah’s adjusted age? (I’d actually been meaning to ask you that for a while…) They can’t suck/swallow/breathe until about 34 weeks, so trying before then wouldn’t really do much except frustrate/scare people because it would lead to desats & bradys. If she’s showing an inclination to suck, it might be worth asking Savannah’s nurses if you guys could try some non-nutritive suckling. We did that for a while – I’d pump myself completely empty and then we’d let her nuzzle. There was no danger of her actually getting anything out of me and choking because I was totally empty, but we did it during feedings so she started making the association between suckling and food. Since Savannah’s cycling to nasal cannula some of the time, maybe she and Angel could give it a go during one of her cannula cycles.

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