The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Ups and Downs

Posted on: November 22, 2004

Shoshanna generally had a really good day today. Some residuals, but those went away after she had a big poo. We took her out for her 9pm bottle, which I gave to her. She took 14 ml of her 9 pm feeding from the bottle, which is slightly less than the pros got into her yesterday, but I think we’re less likely to push her as much as they are. We feed her for a bit, and when she slows down dramatically, burp her, then do the whole thing over again. She’s very funny and cute when she burps! Today she had her hands free while she was getting her bottle, so she was “helping” by grabbing at the bottle until I gave her a finger to hold on to. She lies there, working on her buttle, and looking right up at you with her enormous eyes.

During the day today, she had a couple of ABDs that required stimulation for her to recover, and some self-correcting ones. They’ve dropped her flow to .5L again. One of the ABDs was after her eye exam, to which Susie commented “watching those eye exams makes me desat.” This time the results of the exam weren’t as thrilling as they were the first two times – she has developed some slight ROP (retinopathy of prematurity, an abnormal profusion of blood vessels in the retina). It’s still very slight, to the point that if it doesn’t progress anymore, it will probably resolve itself on its own and she probably wouldn’t need glasses as a really young kid (and, let’s face it, with her family, she’s going to need glasses eventually anyway). They’re not even concerned enough to check her eyes more often than they were before – the next exam will be in two weeks. We’re not too worried about it; the vast majority of preemies born before 28 weeks show some signs of ROP. Other than that, though, she’s a champ. She hadn’t been weighed yet when we were there, so we have no weight increases to report, but Susie has declared her to be chubby. She woke up for her bottle and then again briefly at about 10 pm. At the 10 o’clock awakeness, I opened up her porthole to talk to her, and she looked towards me, paying attention to the sound. We have no concerns about her hearing. ;^)


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