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So close!

Posted on: November 18, 2004

Tonight’s weight: 2 lbs, 15.9 oz! Whoohoo! Shoshanna had some self-correcting ABDs (apnea/bradycardia/desats) that made the chart (a lot of that is who the nurse is – some write those down, others don’t), but she’s still on 1L of flow and room air almost all the time. She even stayed at 1L and room air while we ‘roo’d for about an hour! Not only that, she was out and never once made her bells and whistles go off. I think that was a first. She fussed a little bit at the beginning but a little shushing calmed her right down.


3 Responses to "So close!"

That’s about a teaspoon less than three pounds


that’s one teaspoon short of three pounds!

Granny Sharon


I am one of the grandfathers of Savannah Cabell. My son-in-law Zack linked Shoshanna’s site to Savannah’s. It is comforting to read your posts because it seems to mirror what we are going through with Savannah and makes it all not so scary. We will pray for you baby’s continued progress too.

Craig Kollross

P.S. She is a cutie

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