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Nasal Cannula: It’s the new Pacifier.

Posted on: November 16, 2004

Shoshanna decided to put on a little show for us tonight. When we arrived, she had pulled her cannula up above her nose. Matthew went in and put it back in her nose, and the nurse checked on her too, during which time she discovered that Shoshanna needed a clean diaper, so I said I could change it (boy, howdy, did she need a clean diaper… This was a messy operation to say the least…). During the turning-over process (she’d been lying on her stomach), she pulled out her feeding tube. Once her diaper was changed and she was all re-swaddled in her yellow blanket, she was still awake and feeling a little mischevious. She was beginning to make her little “I’m hungry so I’m going to try to suck” motions, so I gave her a pacifier. She sucked on it for a minute, then reached up and pulled the cannula out of her nose, knocking the pacifier out of her mouth. I put the cannula back in her nose and closed the isolette back up. She pulled the cannula out again. I put it back. She pulled it out again. I put it back. She pulled it out and down far enough to get it into her mouth and proceeded to start sucking on it. Then she squirmed and it slid back up to the vicinity of her nose. So she pulled it out again and started sucking on it. Eventually I gave up on trying to put it back in her nose – as Matthew pointed out, she got the oxygen when it was in her mouth, too. Eventually her nurse gave her a new OG tube and retaped her cannula so that it was on tight enough that she couldn’t remove it easily. Shortly after that, she went to sleep and pretty much stayed that way for the rest of our visit – she woke up a little bit when I said good night, but that was it.

Oh, and yes, there are pictures.


2 Responses to "Nasal Cannula: It’s the new Pacifier."

I wonder if cannula in mouth would lead to swallowing air, which would lead to a farty and/or burpy baby.

I remember doing watches on the baby belugas born at the New York Aquarium, and how cute it was when they farted. Farts are always cute when they come from babies!

– Rebekkah

refuah shleimah
Hope she’ll be home with you soon.

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