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Does this make me one of the mean people?

Posted on: November 15, 2004

I got to give Shoshanna her bath tonight. She really isn’t a fan of bath time, so I tried to be as gentle and non-cold-making as possible. The clean-diaper portion of the proceedings was very entertaining, because every time I got her tush clean, she’d make it dirty again. This happened 3 or 4 times. After bath time was weighing time, when we discovered that the microlipids and increased feed volume are definitely doing their job – she’s gained another 40 grams! She’s now 1279, or 2 lb, 13.1 oz. Susie had a cute little fleece hat that she wanted to put on Shoshanna, on the theory that she’s the only one little enough for it. Wrong! Nobody’s little enough for it! Something was too little before she ever got it! Yay! She may still be the littlest one in the NICU (or at least in her pod), but there are hats that are too small fo her! So instead we put on her little green striped hat. Then I held her for a just minute while Matthew got gowned and Susie got her blankets ready to bundle her up in so Matthew could hold her.

The scary thing about bath time and weighing time was that Susie had unplugged Shoshanna’s temp monitor and turned off her respiratory/cardiac monitor. Ack! No external validation of how she’s doing! Ack! The second scary thing was that Susie had decided to try an experiment with Shoshanna’s temperature regulation – rather than having the isolette temperature regulated to her temperature, she had it regulated to an air temp. While we were there, Shoshanna was doing really well with it, but it was a little nerve-wracking for sure.

The diuretics are definitely doing their job – they’ve been getting a LOT less fluid out of Shoshanna’s lungs, AND her oxygen needs have plummeted. She’s been basically at room air for the past couple of days, with only occasional desats and bradys, most of them self-correcting. Yay! She’s back on the cannula full time, and has once again been upgraded to NICN (she got re-admitted to the NICU when she went back on the CPAP).

After Shoshanna was back in her isolette, we decided that her little green hat has gotten just a little bit too small; it was forever sliding off the top of her head. So we decided to put her white hat that Jessica made for her on to see how much her head has grown; the answer is enough that the hat seems to actually stay on her head! Yes, I took pictures. ;^)


2 Responses to "Does this make me one of the mean people?"

Of course you’re one of the mean people. Every little girl (and boy) thinks their mom is one of the mean people from time to time. 😉
Oh yeah….2lb 13 oz….unless she shrunk and I missed it (and my math sucks).

Pbbbt. You know I can’t type. Fixed now.

I don’t mind being a mean person in the long run, but I’d like me to be a respite from all the mean things the nurses do to her.

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