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The cute things babies do…

Posted on: November 14, 2004

One of Shoshanna’s relatively recent tricks is that her smile muscles work. Of course, babies don’t smile socially until they’re roughly 6 weeks old (adjusted), so it really doesn’t mean anything when she grins. But it sure is cute! It’s also very hard to remind yourself that when you say “Hi, sweetie-pie!” and then she smiles, it doesn’t actually mean she’s glad to hear you talking to her. I’m tempted to sit there and watch her through the camera in order to capture one of those grins, but it would be hard to do.

Shoshanna’s feeds have been bumped up to 26ml 8x/day. That will, of course, facilitate the whole growing thing that we want her to do. They changed the second calorie-booster, too. With the diuretics, though, it’s been decided that we need to really minimize her stress – which is going to mean holding her less (probably not every day) and maybe only having one or the other of us hold her on any given day, to save her the stress of being transferred. It stinks, but if it’ll let her grow better and feel better…. She still has stayed steady weight-wise, with minor fluctuations. Last night’s weight was 1238 grams, which is still 2lb, 11 oz.


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