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More of the same…

Posted on: November 13, 2004

Do you ever get bored of “Shoshanna had a quiet day”? She did again… Not too many residuals, only one alarm on her 11/13 chart… They’ve increased her flow on the cannula back to 2l/hour because overnight she was having more little self-correcting desats than she’d been having previously, but nobody seems terribly worried about it, and if her nose gets too dry there are always saline drops. The diuretics are doing a good job of keeping her lungs dried out – they haven’t been suctioning much of anything out of her the past several days, and she’s spent the past 2 days primarily at room air (21% oxygen).

Shoshanna also had an excessively cute day today. She was sleeping on her side with her hands curled in front of her face, and when she’d stretch, she’s stick her little fists straight out at the side of the isolette. Or she was sleeping on her tummy curled up in the fetal position, with her little feet pressed tight together and her little diapered butt up in the air. She once again illustrated her sick little sense of humor, too. I was saying goodbye to her and I said “Don’t make your bells go off… I know you like the music, but it’s not good.” Just as I finished saying that, from the monitor, “Bong!”. Just once.

It’s funny… in some ways she’s progressed a lot in the past week – lots less oxygen than she’d been needing previously, she’s keeping her temp up really well, but at the same time she just started to have the reflux and need the diuretics, which of course slow her rate of growth… It’s all a big balancing act.


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