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Posted on: November 12, 2004

Yet another fairly quiet Shoshanna day. Her weight is staying steady, and they’ve added another calorie-booster to her milk, so we’ll see how much that helps. She had a couple of minor desats but that was about it. There was one point when I was holding her that her monitor claimed that or pulse ox was 35 and she was crying, so we assumed that her monitor wasn’t getting a good signal. We were right – the monitor was on way too loose. They re-taped it and suddenly her sat was at 100.

We also noticed that she was velcro moustache-less when we got there. We asked Jen about it, because last time she was moustache-less, it was because she was on cannula full-time. Jen told us that when she’s arrived, Shoshanna had not only removed her CPAP but had also pulled off the moustache. So she just took it off and was going to put a new one on when Shoshanna went back on the CPAP at 6 am.

Matthew and I have officially become too experienced as NICU parents. We were ‘rooing and decided to trade. Jen was busy with Shoshanna’s next-door neighbot, so we did the swap ourselves – I got up, holding her, and Matthew sat down, and then I handed her to him and we got her re-snuggled into her blankets. Jen looked up a couple of minutes later and said “Oh, you traded! And I didn’t even hear a peep out of her – no desats or anything!” (Getting transferred is stressful for the babies…) Then when we were ready to go home, Jen was busy mixing up Shoshanna’s feeds, so between the two of us, we successfully put her back in her isolette, even uh-hooking and re-hooking her monitors to untangle her. Go, us! We didn’t try to get her blanket that had been over her back out from under her or to re-dress her. Instead we just put another blanket on top of her and let her sleep, because she was really out.


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