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Playing with Momma

Posted on: November 9, 2004

Shoshanna had a very good day today. She ate a lot, slept a lot… the Lasix seems to be doing its job, as she’s having a lot less headgunk. In fact, the constant air movement through her little nose was really drying it out, so they’ve dropped the flow on her nasal cannula to 1.5l/hr. Her weight stayed about the same (1225 grams), which is to be expected when she’s on the diuretics. They’ve added Tagamet to her drug cocktail, because she’s begun to have a little bit of reflux, and it seems to be working like a charm – she’s been tolerating her feeds much better since they added it.

I took Shoshanna out for about an hour and a half tonight – she slept almost the whole time, occasionally stretching really big and opening her eyes enough to decide that sleep was far more interesting. I got an illustration of immature circulatory systems, too. One minute her hands would be really cold, and the next time I felt them they’d be as warm as the rest of her, and then the next time they’d be cold again… This is normal even for full-term babies, so really it’s just funny. Otherwise, however, her temp stayed up really well (she actually kept getting warmer and warmer, to the point that we took one of her blankets off (leaving her with one blanket and a onesie) and her numbers all looked really good the whole time; Jen even turned down her O2 about 3/4 of the way through from 30% to 25%. We love those numbers!


1 Response to "Playing with Momma"

1.5 liters per minute? 🙂 I am so happy she is doing well! I wonder what she’ll think when she’s a teenager and sees these great pics of her…. -Lisa D

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