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Human Instinct is Nifty

Posted on: November 2, 2004

Shoshanna’s still over 1 kg. Her weight of record for today was 1074; her weight of record for tomorrow will be 1050. She had a couple of bradys, but that’s to be expected. She’s eating well, just a couple of residuals all day. They’ve been giving her all sorts of vitamins to help with red blood cell production (iron and vitamin e) and bone growth (potassium). The big news today, however, is that Shoshanna’s Pavlovian training is paying off – either that, or instinct is kicking in. Either way, she’s starting to show a strong association of suckling with being hungry and eating. It’ll be several weeks before she can really begin to act on that instinct, but it’s encouraging, and most babies don’t start to show that instinct as early as 31 weeks – it’s surprising enough that even we were questioning her gestational age.


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