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NICU visiting routine…

Posted on: October 22, 2004

We coordinated today’s visit with when we knew Shoshanna would be on her nasal cannula, so that she could come out and play. Again, we each got to hold her for probably half an hour or so. She was wide awake while Matthew was holding her, and very responsive to our voices – she’d look towards whichever one of us was talking. Matthew would stop talking and then start again and she’d look back at him kind of surprised and he’d say “yes, I’m still here!” It was very cute. She was sleepy and had the hiccups by the time I got her, and she was being very very squirmy – she was starting to get overstimulated (preemies overstimulate really, really easily). And then they started doing some work on the baby next door to her, which meant having the lights turned on. I did my best to shield her eyes from the light but she was clearly getting tired, so she went back into her little plastic house. We ran into one of her doctors during this visit and were informed that Shoshanna is one of her best patients – always nice to hear. My comment was “except when she kicks you…” and the doctor agreed. She was to be increased to 10 ml every meal at midnight. So much food!


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