The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Reductions in breathing support!!!!

Posted on: October 21, 2004

This was a two-visit day, just because we could. In the afternoon, we arrived and Bonnie said “Oh, good, you guys can hold her for a couple of inutes before she has to go off the nasal cannula!” They’ve started cycling her 2 hours on the NC and 10 hours on the CPAP. As she gets stronger, she’ll get more NC time and less CPAP time. So we each got to hold her for a while. not Kangaroo-style, but just normal holding with her all bundled up in a blanket. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the camera with us. She did really well on the NC the whole time she was on it – which was 2 hours, 40 minutes. She had one slight brady while I was holding her, but that was it. Generally she had a really good day respiratorially. When we went back in the evening she was just getting weighed (she gained 1 gram) and had been quiet since we’d left several hours earlier. She was getting 7.5 ml and they were incresing her feeds by half a ml every 6 hours! The staff have all declared her to be “feisty” mostly because she kicks and punches everyone who messes with her. We are amused.


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