The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

The Trials and Tribulations of Shoshanna…

Posted on: October 20, 2004

We arrived just as Donna the respiratory therapist was finishing up with Shoshanna. Respiratory therapy was followed by bath time. Both of these things involve lots of getting messed with, so they made for a very cranky baby. Just because we had to add insult to injury, bath time was followed by weighing time, which involves getting moved out of one’s warm, secure home and onto a scale. (Which pops up fantastic numbers like 881 grams / 1 lb 15.1 oz!) And then there are the parents who insist on taking pictures! Life is very hard when you’re exactly -11 weeks old (which Shoshanna is). And she’s gotten her ability to cry back after all her time being intubated, so she was definitely letting us know how she felt about the situation (before the 19th, all we’d really heard from her were little squeaks and grunts). The reward for behaving moderately well through all of this was a big, 6 ml meal. Other than the indignity of the evening’s activities, she had a pretty quiet day – no apneas, desats, or bradycardias, good digestion, and a promised increase in food volume to 6.5 ml every three hours at midnight. The doctor doing rounds looked at her chart and told us, “All her checkmarks are in the right places. I have nothing else to say. Do you have any questions?” Which is exactly what we like to hear from her doctors. Of course, after food and rounds she decided to pull a new stunt – have an apnea, keep your oxygen saturation in the normal range, but bradycardia anyway (normally the progression for her has been apnea -> desat -> brady). She snapped right out of it with a little jiggling from the nurse, but Matthew and I weren’t big fans of that particular trick.

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