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More Kangaroo Care and a Daddy Diaper Change

Posted on: October 19, 2004

We’ve kind of figured out that when and if we get to do Kangaroo Care really depends on the nurse who’s working on any given day/evening. Susie is known as the “cuddle nurse” – when we got to the NICU, I wondered why there was a recliner at the foot of Shoshanna’s bed. You can probably guess why – yup – more Kangaroo Care for us! Not only that, but they took her off of the CPAP for KC, putting her instead on a nasal cannula. All the NC does is provide oxygen – it’s the thing that most people have probably seen that delivers oxygen through the nose. It’s also much less cumbersome than the CPAP. She did really awesome on the NC through most of Kangaroo Care. I held her for about 45 minutes, and we began the process of teaching her to associate sucking (on a pacifier), a full tummy (breast milk into the gastric line), and Mom (me holding her). She really went to town on the pacifier, and I held the syringe as it drained 4.5 ml of breast milk into her little tummy. And then she went to sleep. Fast asleep. It’s amazing – she breathes so steadily and deeply when she’s lying on me – much more so than she ever does lying in her isolette. Once my turn was up, Matthew held her for a bit (she got the hiccups as soon as he had her again), but by that time the effort of having to breathe all on her own and being out in the relatively un-heated world were catching up with her, and she was cold and beginning to have trouble keeping her oxygen saturation up. So back in the isolette she went, where it was soon discovered that she had a very, very dirty diaper. Susie let Matthew change it, but he was too tentative about wiping her little butt to really get her clean and he ended up letting Susie take over. Other than that, she’d had a fairly quiet day – a couple of apneas/desats and she wasn’t quite digesting everything, but all of these are perfectly normal & expected for someone who’s -11 weeks old.


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