The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Visits from family, and loud boys.

Posted on: October 17, 2004

Shoshanna had visits from her Grandma Fran, Grandpa Harry, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Jacy this weekend. On Friday she weighed 791, on Saturday she weighed 804, and on Sunday she surpassed her birthweight, weighing in at a whopping 836 grams!!!! We also arrived at the hospital on Friday evening to discover that they’d moved her to CPAP again, and she’s once again doing very well with it. She had a couple of desats on Saturday afternoon, but that’s been it. She’s up to 3.5 ml every three hours on her eating again, which is what’s helping her pack on the weight. Consequently, she’s also sleeping a whole lot (it takes a lot of energy for her to digest that stuff!). Jen suggested on Friday night that we try swaddling her (after she got pretty agitated and really calmed down after I put my hand over her lower body) and she’s seemed much more content since then. This afternoon Matthew and one of the nurse practitioners were talking while I had the porthole of her isolette open, and she promptly clapped her hands over both ears as if to say, “Those boys are way too loud, Momma!” Her other big trick this afternoon: She managed to wriggle free of her CPAP nose prongs, which meant that for what we guess was 15-20 minutes, she was on zero respiratory support. We think they’d been loose (but not completely out of her nose) for a while and she’d been getting enough oxygen because they’d turned it up pretty high (so the oxygen saturation in the vicinity of her nose stayed up). The really amazing thing is that while she was assistance-free, she was breathing steadily, if shallowly, and her pulse ox never dropped!


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