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The sleeping patterns of -12 week old babies

Posted on: October 13, 2004

Shoshanna is officially 28 weeks gestation. She’s been stepped up to 1ml of milk every 4 hours, and alternated between pretty perky and sound asleep during our visit, sometimes in as little as 1 second. Matthew watched her go from wide awake, looking at the world, to completely asleep in roughly that long. I happened to have glanced away and missed the whole thing, though she did a mini repeat performance later when Matthew said to her “isn’t that exciting?” and she responded by closing her eyes tight, though she opened them right back up. She weighed 730 grams, so the weight is coming right back on as we were told that it would. She had another head ultrasound on the 12th, but as of our visit there was no note in her file about the results. We expect that that means there’s no change in her IVH status, which is a good thing – as long as there’s no increase in bleeding, we’re happy. The coolest thing was that we noticed her perking up when we talked to her – and this just as Matthew was postulating that there was no way she could hear us through the plastic of her isolette. She was apparently proving that she’s advanced for her age by kicking the nurse when she was getting worked on, which makes me giggle on many levels. They’ve removed her PICC line because they kept finding strep-b bacteria on it, and the antibiotics won’t kill bacteria on the PICC line. If she needs it again, they’ll put it back in, but in the meantime they wanted to get rid of that potential entry site for bacteria.


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